Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Justin Moore's Goals Include Becoming A Member Of The Grand Ole Opry

Justin Moore has experienced a pair of goals, including two chart-toppers for “Small Town USA,” and “Backwoods,” but there are a couple more feats he would like to accomplish, including headlining his own tour and becoming a member of the Grand Ole Opry. 

“Honestly, the most important thing to me is to be a mem-ber of the Opry one day. That’s big, big deal to me,” states Justin. "The history of country music, everybody that I grew up listening [from] Patsy Cline to John Anderson, Randy Travis, they’ve all started there and it’s just about country music tradition and country music history.” 

The Poyen, Arkansas native is making history again with his current hit, “How I Got to Be This Way,” which is making its way up the country charts.

To see if Justin is coming to a town or city near you, check out his official website:

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  1. i love justin moore, moore than anything i would love to talk to him again soon
    <3 mikayla , California